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Installing and Configuring Oracle BI Applications Fusion Edition (7.9.5)

Performing Initial Data Loads into the Oracle BI Apps 7.9.5 Data Warehouse

Getting Started with Informatica PowerCenter 8.1.1

So What’s in the Oracle BI Apps Data Warehouse?

Simple Customization of the Oracle BI Apps Data Warehouse

Amending Existing Category 1 SDE and SIL Mappings In Oracle BI Apps 7.9.5

Adding New Facts and Dimensions to the BI Apps Data Warehouse

Oracle BI Applications: OBIEE security integration with Oracle E-Business Suite

1.3.6 Issues with Multi-Source ETL

The DAC Deployment procedure causes sequence generator transformations in the ETL to be reset to start from the number 1 again. This can cause some issues when running Source Independent Load (SIL) mappings for the different applications and adapters together. These SIL mappings will be unable to run together.

To illustrate this limitation, two examples of ETLs being unable to run together are shown below:

When the Siebel Vertical adapter and Oracle EBS adapter is used, the Siebel adapter leverages the SIL mappings in the SIL_Vert folder, while the Oracle EBS adapter leverages the SIL mappings in the SILOS folder. The sequence generators in the SIL_Vert folder gets updated to new values, while the same ones in the SILOS folder do not. This results in all SILOS mappings for common dimensions (like Employee, Exchange Rate, etc.) to fail.

The same dimensional tables are loaded from mappings within the SILOS folder and the PLP folders. This results in the same issue as above, and when the mappings are run, they fail.


The workaround is to set the Sequence Generator value to run between 1 and a sufficiently large finite value (for example, 1,000,000,000) for one of the folders and set the SILOS folder Sequence Generator value to run between 1,000,000,001 and its maximum limit of 2,000,000,000.

Mysteries of the Financials Group Account Mapping Files

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